After making its official announcement in January, the 2016 Newark International Film Festival (Newark IFF) has been building buzz around the world and gearing up for its debut September 9-11th.  Astoundingly, over 800 films across various genres were submitted from over 50 countries around the world.  The 2016 Newark International Film Festival is set to bring thousands of filmmakers and festival goers to Newark, NJ – the birthplace of film – to showcase an array of film-focused events including screenings, workshops, celebrity Q&A panels, and more. 

The Newark IFF is the first international film festival hosted in Newark. A main feature of the Newark IFF will be the Hannibal Goodwin Award for Innovation in Filmmaking in homage to Hannibal Goodwin, the Episcopal priest who invented celluloid film 1887 in Newark, NJ.  A core component to the Newark IFF are the various workshops, celebrity Q&A panels, and receptions that will provide access and platforms for filmmakers from all over to take advantage of the wealth of experience, resources, and opportunities available to them.

Among the scheduled events for the three-day weekend, the 2016 Newark IFF will include Let’s Laugh (Newark) Comedy Showcase Presented by Bob Sumner and the “Filmed In Newark” Scavenger Hunt that will lead participants throughout downtown Newark on a quest to find landmarks and locations that have significance in the film industry or have been filming locations for major motion pictures. 

“Newark has historically had great significance on the national and international stage, particularly in the area of innovation,” said Tehsuan Glover, Newark IFF Director of Communications.  “It is especially poetic that we bring this international film festival here to Newark to showcase the fact that Newark is an international city, and that Newark has so much to offer for Newarkers as well as international filmmakers, actors, entertainers, and tourists.”

Newark IFF passes and hotel accommodations are available in advance online via the website.  Festival passes are available starting at only $50.  All Access VIP passes are available in limited supply for $150.