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This year, the 5th Annual Walk to The Water will also citywide parade and gathering of Newarkers to celebrate the City’s 350th birthday. The walk begins at Newark City Hall, located at 920 Broad Street at 11:00am and culminates at the final destination of Riverfront Park, in a symbolic reclamation of the Passaic River, the location where Puritan settlers led by Robert Treat disembarked in 1666, and where the City of Newark was born. The walk to the water will feature elements honoring Newark’s history and culture and conclude with River Day, a daylong event featuring activities, performances and vendors.

Be a part of the movement and represent your city, ward, school, or organization on May 21st!  Once at the park, the party begins at the Orange Boardwalk at 1pm and will feature family friendly activities that will celebrate the history, arts & culture, and environment of the city of Newark.


Hosted by Tehsuan Glover with DJ Omar Abdallah

Performances by: 

Yendor Productions (Newark 350 Play)
Capoeira Mucurumim
J Read
Shabazz High School Marching Band
Son del Caribe
East Side High School Winter Color Guard
Urban Kween
Los Pleneritos
Rancho Casa de Ribatejo

Fitness Activities:

Zumba / Fitness Fun

Don’t miss Riverfront Park’s opening day and celebrate Newark’s 350th in the place where it all began, down by the River! If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please contact us at