It had been three years since Brick City Supper Club descended upon Dinosaur BBQ on Market Street.  Not because of the constantly growing plethora of dining options in the city.  It was a clear decision made not to return in response to the restaurant management and staff seemingly going above and beyond for the past few years in an effort to leave patrons dissatisfied.  Wrong orders…overcooked food…undercooked food…and what was interpreted as an absolute refusal to address the problems and customer complaints by the constantly changing management team.  It had developed into a full-fledged culture.


Skip ahead to 2016 and Dinosaur BBQ made a hard pivot in their internal culture and customer-facing approach at the Newark location.  Joshua Lambert came on board mid-summer as the restaurant’s Service Director with a clear mandate to assess and correct problem areas and establish and maintain a new standard for Dinosaur BBQ Newark.  It was established that the staff needed to have the knowledge and the physical tools to execute great food and service.  In a word, caring would be the new standard.  A caring approach to the integrity of the recipes and the kitchen staff and, of course, the customer experience.

If Brick City Supper Club’s experience this past Monday is any indication, things are looking up at Dinosaur BBQ and it will surely not be three years before the next visit.  So,  stop in for lunch, dinner, or drinks this weekend, and ask about their Pour It Forward campaign.