Launched on May 29, 2017, Edge Of Belgravia’s Kuroi Hana series broke records when it reached its funding goal within 5 hours! As of today, they are ranked #14 on Kickstarter globally and are 400% above their funding goal with 41 days left in the campaign. Edge of Belgravia’s use of cutting edge technology and sleek designs helped take this small London-based knife company to global success.

Kuroi Hana translates to black flower in Japanese. The black flower alludes to the dark floral pattern on the blade, which is hand crafted by skilled artisan workers. With artistic precision, the etching through the 67 layers of supreme quality Japanese AUS-10 carbon steel creates this unique floral pattern – also known as a Damascene pattern.

Known for their high toughness, supreme sharpness and good corrosion resistance, the Kuroi Hana series brings the highest quality chef knives into your kitchen! Each full set contains six knives: a 7.5 inch Chef knife, a 6 inch Chef knife, a 7.5 inch Bread knife, a Paring knife, a Broad Utility knife and a Slicing knife. Each one is unique and crafted for its specific purpose.

They are currently offering a full set plus their Black Diamond Knife Block for $349.00 USD which is about 70% off MSRP.