Recently, Newark has received more and more attention from concerned residents, non-profit organizations, and in the media as it has been indicated lately that elevated levels of lead have been found in children of multiple New Jersey towns including this one.

Yesterday, however, the attention zeroed in on Newark as the Department of Environmental Protection and Newark Public Schools released a joint announcement that elevated levels of lead have been found in upwards of 30 Newark schools.

According to lead level results released by the DEP Wednesday, the following school buildings are affected:

  • 14th Avenue School
  • Abington Avenue
  • American History High School
  • Bard High School
  • Barringer Academy STEM/Arts and Humanities
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Branch Brook
  • Cleveland
  • Early Childhood School – Central at Berliner
  • Early Childhood School – West at Old Speedway
  • George Washington Carver (includes Bruce Street and Spark Academy)
  • Hawthorne Academy
  • Ivy Hill
  • John F. Kennedy School
  • Louise Spencer (includes Miller Street)
  • Luis Munoz Marin
  • Mount Vernon
  • New Jersey Regional Day
  • Newark Evening High School (Vocation at West Side)
  • Newark Leadership at Newark Vocational
  • Newton Street (includes Fast Track Success Academy)
  • Quitman Street
  • Ridge Street – Annex (Grades K-1)
  • Ridge Street – Main Building
  • Roberto Clemente
  • South 17th Street
  • South Street
  • 13th Avenue
  • Weequahic (includes Eagle Academy for Young Men and Girls Academy of Newark)
  • Wilson Avenue

Newark Public Schools have temporarily shut off all drinking water fountains at the affected schools, and is posting notices not to drink water from faucets. Replacement drinking water, and cooking water, is available from water coolers and bottled water at all of the affected schools, officials said. 

Mayor Baraka announced that he would hold a press conference this afternoon to address concerns and the measures the City of Newark is taking with its State partners to ensure the safety of Newark Public Schools students, faculty, and staff.