Lets talk health. We all know how good that fried chicken can be after a long day of work, or if you’re craving something that you’ve been thinking about all day. Now, imagine if you had that same meal, but you knew it was vegan. Sounds crazy right?. People within today’s society don’t take their health seriously, constantly swallowing and digesting food that has horrendous effects on their body, health, and overall appearance. What if you could learn about having a plant-based lifestyle and have fun while doing it? That’s where Feed the Souls Newark comes in.

What is the Feed The Souls Newark, you ask? Well, Feed the Souls Newark is a completely free community event for everyone to enjoy music, art, poetry, vegan and plant-based foods, live performances, and most importantly, to obtain knowledge on the benefits of a vegan and plant based lifestyle. All are welcome to this lovely event, and they will also have activities for children (ages 10 and up) to explore veganism while having fun . Funding for art programs within Newark are being cut constantly. Feed The Souls Newark emphasizes the importance for children and adults to express themselves through creativity.


What will they have at this event? Newark and New York artists will perform, some who are vegan or vegetarian. For example; Freakquencee, who is a lyricists, vegetarian, and also spits about real life experiences. Also, singer ByMaddz, is also the creator and CEO of Feed the Souls Newark. There will also will be other artists performing who believe in spreading good vibes and spreading a good message on how to be yourself. There will be a painter there as well, by the name of Genesis. Yoga classes will be held on the grass by Beki Hafelfinger, a certified yoga instructor from NJ. Finally, there will be a dance class lead by dancer Jessica Pinkett, a talented dancer with Alvin & Ailey Dance Company.

   Other activities include:

  • Backpack Giveaway
  • School Supply giveaway
  • Care package giveaway

Feed The Souls Newark also has many sponsors, such as;

Vibes in the City,  platform for independent artists to show case talent

V4veganism, an up-and-coming web series based on veganism, animal activism, culture, and health.

BeautyIsUs Inc., a New York based organization with a purpose to inspire and empower women

Caremore, recently collaborated with Afropunk, Caremore is a non-profit organization that puts together and distributes care packages for the homeless

Greenhouse, NJ based media and marketing company will be contributing clothes

Black Men of Standard, a family that focuses on the retention of black males in school, and provides them the tools to graduate.

With a Special Guest appearance by Fatboy_Sse.

All of these activities will be available and more, so come down to Military Park on September 30th from 3-7pm for a day of fun and enlightenment. 

Want to volunteer? Contact Stephenie Valentino, Freakquencee, or ByMaddz on Instagram.

RSVP to the Facebook event page by clicking HERE

See you there!