When someone is not being appreciative of your energy, how do you know if you are being used vs being appreciated? So many times in life, we encounter people who we think are important in our lives. We believe that they need to be there for several reasons, but unfortunately, the other person is not acting as if they want to be in our life. There are some people who expect for you to be there for them, who expect for you to break your back to do for them, but can’t do the same for you. Here’s how to know if you’re being used vs being appreciated.

“Appreciated” Clues:

  • They genuinely care for your well being. Often times, even the most sincere text message asking “ How are you?” can mean the world to someone. Random phone calls work too. When you both see each other, it feels like a breathe of fresh air.
  • They do for you the same way you do for them. If you needed something, they would give you their last in order to make you happy. Sometimes in life, even the smallest things work.
  • You feel comfortable enough to discuss your problems with them, because you know that they will listen without judgement and – when appropriate – give you good advice. For some, receiving advice can make you feel vulnerable. 

“Used” Clues:

  • They always have something negative to say about what you do, but they want you to say something positive about what they do. Some people don’t want to hear your accomplishments if it doesn’t benefit them.  They’ll pretend they’re listening and just nod their head.
  • They are always asking for a hand-out. You can have $10.00 and they’ll ask you for $9.00, not even worrying about the fact that you’ll only have $1. They don’t care about how you’ll survive off of that $1 bill, because they took all that you had.

Don’t let someone rob you of your energy. When you say no, and they instantly get an attitude, remember this quote:

“Tell a person no, and they’ll show you their true colors.”

If you tell someone no, and they instantly get upset, that shows that they no longer care about your energy and how you use it, they only care about what they can get from you.

Just be careful who you let around you. Some people are leeches, they suck your energy dry and they use you up until you are nothing. Use your energy wisely, and put it towards things that make you happy.