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The Newark SingFest 2016 gathers the community of Newark to celebrate its diverse culture and community through song on Friday, November 18 at Newark Museum. All are invited to join in singing songs from the various cultures and heritages that make up our city. The songs are historical and contemporary in a variety of musical styles, and everyone is welcome to come sing.

The evening will consist of a family sing-a-long hour from 5-6pm, then from 6-8pm an assortment of songs and performances including a Liturgical (Latin) Song and/or Early American hymn lead by Brian Harlow and Rutgers University choral students, Italian Love Song lead by choir director Beatriz De Mello, Brazilian Folk Song taught by Silvana Magda, Negro Spiritual, and so much more.

Newark Singfest has established specific goals including:

  • to bring together ethnic and cultural groups, individuals, families (of varied backgrounds) and all involved by association and participation in the activity of singing and its significance in enhancing the unification of mind, spirit, and body through music in the City of Newark.
  • to foster an interactive recreational activity that enhances or develops personal skills and
  • to create social group experiences that will enrich the Newark community.
  • to encourage the sharing of learned activities and the disposition of written materials and
  • sharing music throughout the Newark community and beyond.
  • to develop a repository and a means of disbursement of materials derived from and developed through the activities of the program. This historiography becomes invaluable in
  • sustaining and continuing the traditions of the Newark community.