If you talk to Bryce Conrad, a Starbucks barista champion about Starbucks® Thanksgiving Blend coffee, the topic will quickly turn to food.

“When you think of Thanksgiving, you think of people gathering together, eating turkey and pumpkin pie,” Conrad said. “This coffee pairs so well with every aspect of a Thanksgiving meal. It has both the richness and the savory flavors.”

When the Starbucks Coffee team approached the creation of Thanksgiving Blend in 2007 they used a culinary lens, working alongside award-winning Seattle chef, Tom Douglas to create a coffee fit for a feast. The result was a blend of coffees from Guatemala’s Antigua region and Indonesia’s island of Sumatra with subtle spice flavor, cocoa notes and hints of herbs. 

“What I like so much about this coffee is that it starts off really smooth, really rich. As it lingers it gets brighter, you get some juiciness,” Conrad said. “It’s just a wonderful coffee.”

Starbucks® Thanksgiving Blend is offered in stores each autumn in the United States and Canada, and is sold as Autumn Blend in Starbucks stores in Asia.