When you think of cigars, you may think of a group of men huddled around a fireplace or perhaps a private lounge with a tulip glass of scotch, talking about stocks and football (and women) while stinking up velvet chairs and leather sofas. But more and more women are smoking cigars now, including me!  Is cigar smoking the new trend for the modern woman?

I’ve also noticed that in an attempt to get women interested in the mysterious art of cigar smoking, manufacturers are marketing flavors like honey, vanilla, and mocha, some of which are sold in cute packs for your purse.  Similarly, cigar bars and shops are creating events and experiences specifically targeting women.  Lifestyle brand and tastemaker Gentleman Culture as well as the group Urban Girl Squad in NYC have hosted events like cigar and scotch tastings for the cigar curious and cigar aficionado alike.

Whatever your reason, have pride in taking a pull from a cigar because you like it and because there’s nothing sexier than really knowing your way around a cigar …. and scotch, but we’ll save that topic for another post.