Today, Uber and Capodagli Property Company/Meridia announced a new partnership designed to reduce residents’ reliance on personal car ownership. Beginning next week, new lease signers at all Meridia properties will receive $100 in Uber credits, offering tenants an affordable and reliable way to get to their new home and back, without having to park or maintain an automobile.

“Today, the average automobile sits unused in a parking spot 96% of the time, and we believe that by making better use of cars already on the road, ridesharing can make transportation more equitable, more efficient and more environmentally-friendly,” said Ana Mahony, General Manager for Uber New Jersey. “By encouraging Uber as an alternative to driving your own car, we’re helping Meridia residents save both time and money.”

To make the experience as easy as possible for riders and drivers, Uber and Meridia will establish designated pickup and drop-off zones with custom signage at all Meridia apartment communities.


“Our partnership with Uber is going to be a great convenience for tenants living in Meridia’s already transit-friendly communities,” said George M. Capodagli, CEO of Capodagli Property Company/Meridia. “Offering the first of its kind Uber designated pick-up/drop-off zones and rapid, round-the-clock Uber availability are a big part of what makes downtown living an attractive option for more and more people throughout New Jersey.”

The current Meridia properties participating are:

Meridia Lifestyles (Linden, NJ)

Meridia Main Station (Bound Brook, NJ)

Meridia Park Avenue (West New York, NJ)

Meridia Metro (Hackensack, NJ)

Meridia Lafayette Village (Rahway, NJ)

In a similar initiative, Uber recently teamed up with the City of Summit, New Jersey to help alleviate parking congestion at the local commuter train station. By subsidizing the cost of Uber trips to and from the train station during commuting hours, the City of Summit estimates that it will save taxpayers millions of dollars that otherwise would have been spent on a new parking facility.

With recent residential developments like 60 Nevada, 999 Broad Street, Teachers Village and upcoming developments like the Hahne building and One Theater Square continue to come to Newark, the question begs asking, “Will Uber look partner with Newark developers and city administration to provide more easily accessible amenities to existing and new residents?”

Feature image courtesy of Uber.