Being lonely is something that no one naturally wants to experience. We’ve heard it in songs, seen it on TV, and read about fear of isolation everywhere. From birth, a baby learns to appreciate and look forward to companionship. When we get older, however, we become more independent Still, sometimes we latch onto companionship. While we love being around others, often at times we find ourselves alone – and possibly lonely. However, these times can be seen as joyous, if you look at them from a different perspective.

You can learn more about yourself than you thought you knew.

When you are alone, you can learn your strengths and flaws, with no distractions. You can learn what makes you happy, depressed, uncomfortable, and relaxed. When there are no distractions around you, and you come face to face with yourself. You get to learn what makes you, you! Is there something wrong with learning yourself? To some, yes. Some people don’t want to learn themselves because they’re especially aware of their flaws, and they are afraid to look in the mirror. How can you make yourself better? How can you improve yourself? It only takes one day at a time.

You can catch up on some tasks that you’ve been putting off.

We’ve all been there. We get distracted and we put off things that we are supposed to do. We distract ourselves and we let others distract us from what we are supposed to be doing. When we’re alone, we have an opportunity to catch up on things we are supposed to be accomplishing. What better way to get things done, by learning yourself and doing it on your own?

Loneliness can help you appreciate the person who always is there with you

I know, that may seem a little crazy, but sometimes you need to be by yourself for a while just so you can see that the person who usually occupies your time is special. Very special. We all know the quote, “ You don’t appreciate someone until they’re gone.” When you are not around those truly special companions, you start to appreciate the little joyous moments that you’ve had with them.


So what does this mean?

Being alone is something that some people see in a negative light but it can also be positive, even joyous occasion. Sometimes, you need to step back and realize that you are your best company. There is nothing wrong with being accompanied by the person or people you love, however acknowledging your flaws and strengths while you’re by yourself is healthy and beneficial. Embrace your soul and spirit while you embark on this journey of life, and face the challenges that come your way. Don’t be afraid to handle them on your own. You’ll see that in these situations, you are your best you.