Where is the Love, man?

Let’s be real. It’s hard to know when someone loves you in today’s society. The trend of not showing emotion has swept through our nation faster than the AIDS virus in the 1980’s. Everyone, supposedly, is scared to show when they love you and dont know how to accurately show when they love you. Today’s society makes you miss the old school love that existed in the early 90’s. The love that made your heart feel whole, pure, and warm. The type of love that assures you that they won’t go anywhere. The young people of today aren’t aware of this love, because of today’s social media and songs that portray commitment to be taboo. I can count on both hands how many times I’ve heard the rappers and singers say; “ I’ll never wife her” or “ She’s a hoe”.

“ Where did the love go?”

What happened to the modern day man. The man who wasn’t afraid of showing the love for his Queen. He would cook, protect, and provide for his Queen no matter the situations that were happening to him eternally. Then, the Queen would provide for her king. She would help build him spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. She would remind him that he was the person for her, and he would do the same. This form of love doesn’t exist anymore. If it does, it doesn’t last long. In today’s society, everyone wants to come off as a player. A person who can easily make woman/men drop to their knees and worship them. I’m here to tell you, this form of lifestyle is PLAYED OUT.

“ It’s time to love one another the right way”

Let’s put down our swords and make peace. Let’s learn how to love again. The world is too cold and crazy for our generation to forget how true love feels. If we practice being better to those who genuienly love us, then we can teach others how to love others and themselves a little better. When you’re with your significant other, try complimenting them. Tell them they’re beautiful, write them poetry, kiss their hand, etc. Chivalry is not dead. Chivalry has been replaced with the hatred for affection, which can easily be reversed. All it takes is that one person to motivate those around them.

“ Let’s not Sabotage good love”

Here’s the problem; people have good love, yet they self-sabotage any form of good love around them because they dont truly know how to accept love. Messed up right? but how does one fix this? It’s simple. People who self sabotage have insecurities that they don’t know how to handle, so they destroy everything around them and then call themselves the victim. If they handle their insecurities by themselves, and handle their eternal issues, then they can truly learn how to love. There’s been plenty of relationships that I’ve known of, that would’ve lasted a lifetime, but yet one person let their issues destroy the relationship. This has to stop in 2017. Let pure love grow and prosper.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
―Stephen Chbosky

As your day continues after reading this, reach out to someone you know and let them know that you love them. Death, murder, hatred, and genocide exist around us in many forms around us. The further spread of hate will make it reign supreme, which will eventually destroy the world. Love is the antidote to hate. Lets cure the world together.